Our Work

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What We Do

Through the caring power of hundreds of individuals, we invest in innovative solutions, convene the right partnerships and mobilize the best resources to fight our most dire social problems. Together, we drive measurable, lasting impact for our community.

01The Hard Truth

A child born in poverty in the southeast has very little chance of climbing out of it during his or her lifetime. In fact, Hamilton County ranks in the bottom nine percent in the nation for economic mobility and childhood poverty. All too often, access to opportunity in our region is aligned with the zip code and neighborhood where one lives. That must change.

02Where We Work

We partner with Southern Baptist churches in six counties around Greater Chattanooga – including Hamilton, Marion, Walker, Dade, Catoosa and Sequatchie. Through our cooperation with United Way, all resources are invested into the same community that contributed them.

03Join the Fight

Behind all our work, there are people like you who get involved in big and small — but always significant — ways to ensure a better future for our families and communities.

It takes connected community

We partner with local agencies focused on meeting the needs of the less fortunate where it matters most: where we live.